We want to give quality shoes and exclusive designs with the excellence that only skilled craftsmen can provide. It moves us colours that give unique character to each pair of shoe, the leather that gives quality and nobility to our pieces, the special care taken in every detail and the texture offering an exquisite sensory piece.

The very essence of Zapatos D-Pie is that you feel authentic, feminine and natural. Every time you wear our shoes, you will feel different, like you want to be; without molds, standards and prejudice.


Zapatos D-PIE was founded in 2007 by Maria Ignacia Benavente. She had the vision of creating a line of innovative and exclusive footwear for women, who are looking for something different.

After a long and enjoyable journey through the old domestic footwear industry, we found the perfect craftsmen, who collaborated in the creation of each pair of shoes. And in the same way, the search of the different materials, that our shoes are made.

Every season, we participate in the most exclusive and important fashion fairs of the country, with a new proposal to show to our clients.

Zapatos D-Pie, since its beginning has succeeded in developing different proposals, offering genuine quality collections, using the highest quality materials and exclusive designs. This is a proposal, which we will continue developing today and tomorrow, so that in every pair of shoes that our customers wear, they feel how they want.